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Should you like our service, we can provide you with regularly scheduled cleaning service upon request.

Here is list of services in the Chicagoland area and Suburbs:

Residential House Cleaning

Condominium Cleaning
Condo Association Cleaning
Green Cleaning Services
Moving In and Out Cleaning
Pre and Post Construction Cleanup
Apartment For Rent Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Building Interior and Exterior Cleaning
Car Washing and Detailing
Mattress Cleaning
Wax Removal and Floor Shining
Spot Removal from Carpets
Garage Cleaning and Organizing

Residential Snow Removal Services

Driveway and Road Removal Service
Sidewalk Snow Removal Service
Deck and Walkway Snow Removal Service

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Pressure Washing Service

We also offer cleaning and maintenance projects:

Carpet Cleaning
Sofa and Chair Cleaning
Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Buffing
Exterior Power Washing and Cleaning Deck
Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning (1 to 3 Story Homes & Buildings)
Window Cleaning (Inside and Outside, 1 to 3 Story Homes & Buildings)

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Why You Should Take Advantage of
a Cleaning Service Package Now

Tips on How to Choose the Right Cleaning Services in Chicago

Maid Service Chicago: The Fairy Godmother of Cleaning

Chicago is known to be one of the busiest cities in the whole country. People are so caught up with they are doing that they could not find time to do the other important stuff such as keeping their surroundings neat and organized. The good news however, is that there is a great way out for this particular dilemma that a lot of households and even offices in Chicago is facing and that is maid service. And to even make it better, finding a qualified person to clean your house or your office space for you is just one mouse click away.

Maid Service Chicago is truly a genius solution for the people of Chicago when it comes to keeping their homes squeaky clean and their offices spick and span. Maid service Chicago offers a wide range of cleaning services depending on what the customer needs. Also, a customer can decide on how many times he wants to take advantage of the cleaning services in a month or in year if he is thinking long term. And whatever cleaning service package is picked out by the customer, maid service Chicago will definitely keep all the dust, dirt and clutter at bay.

Busy working mothers and wives with demanding jobs will no longer have to be concern about keeping their household clean and organized. This is because maid service can take over the cleaning of the toilet, doing the laundry, vacuuming the carpet, wiping and dusting of the windows and all the other things that need to be tidied and arranged. The working ladies should not even have to worry about how many times the maid service should come over to do some home cleaning because they can have them as often or as occasional as they need to be.

Inside a very hectic and active workplace, the last thing in every very busy employee’s mind is to spend his precious time cleaning up and organizing his work area. However, it is important to keep the whole office a suitable and safe working area in order for everyone to function properly and stay healthy. A company who cannot afford to hire regular personnel who will do the all cleaning and organizing that it needs can take advantage of the services of a reliable maid service Chicago provider. Organizing piles and piles of paper on the work desk, dusting of bookshelves, vacuuming of the carpet, wiping of the windows and garbage disposal are just some of the many things that a maid service can do.

Maid service Chicago is without a shadow of doubt heaven sent, an answered prayer and the light at the end of the tunnel for all those who just could not afford the time to keep their lovely homes and ever active offices pristine and free from clutter. It is like finally finding the fairy godmother that will turn all things bright and beautiful at the wave of her magical wand. Thank God for maid service that can come to the rescue anytime, anywhere.

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